Campus Service

Campus Service


The AAUcard works as an ID card for all students and staff at AAU.

It is personal  and it is also your access card to all buildings at the university , your library card at the University Library AUB, your Print and Copy card and your membership and access card at Unifitness.

aau map

With AAU Map you may easily find your way to classrooms, work spaces, canteens, libraries and other relevant locations at Aalborg University.

You can use the web version or download the app fra App Stor or Google Play.

Read more about AAU Map and get the app

building support

Building Support is a system designed to help students and staff at AAU to easily report faults and deficiencies. 

It comes as a web version and as an app.

Read more about the Building Support app and get the app

campus service during shutdown

campus service during shutdown


All buildings are locked. This means that all doors are locked, but you have access with a valid AAUcard.

Please note that physical presence on campus is only allowed with the permission of the head of the main area. Persons holding this permit can enter using a valid AAUcard.


All canteens areclosed, for the time being until 28 Feb 2021.


There will be minimal staffing in Facility Support to solve urgent tasks.


Internal mail delivery will run as usual. Sending internal and external mail also takes place as usual.


When packages are delivered, Facility Support will inform the recipients about this, as well as where the packages can be picked up. It is the recipient's responsibility to ensure that the rules of attendance are complied with in connection with collection.

Campus Service can only accept packages delivered in Facility Support's package rooms. These packages will remain in the package room and can be picked up by users who have permission to enter campus.


Campus Service is not able to offer help with the care of plants in offices, etc.

facility support services

Facility support teams

The Facility Supporters supervise buildings, distribute mail, hand out keys and access cards, take care of lost-and-found, handle waste and can help you in a variety of matters.

Our Facility Supportes are located at three Facility Support offices in Aalborg:

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Team East and West cover the main campus in Aalborg East, whereas Team City covers all addresses in Aalborg City.
Campus CPH and Campus Esbjerg have their own service organisations.

Information on office opening hours as well as contact information on all Faclity Supportes in the area is available at every Facility Support office.

Outside fixed office hours you can always contact Faclity Supportes by telephone +45 9940 3333 or mail within normal working hours.
Changes in office hours may occur on special situations such as beginning of term.

Please always hand any forgotten items over to the nearest Facility Support office.

about campus service

contact campus service

Myrdalstræde 268
9220 Aalborg Øst

Phone: 99409940