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AUB Library Card

AUB library card

You can use your AAUcard as a library card at Aalborg University Library.
please notice that this does not happen automatically for employees. If employees wish to use their AAUcard as a library card, all they need to do is contact the library – in person, by phone or email.

Are you already a USER

If you are already a user of the library, your existing card number will be replaced with your AAUcard number. This also applies to the PIN code. Existing loans, reservations, inter-library loans etc. will not be affected by these changes.

Pin code

Self-service via the library search engine Primo and other self-service facilities require you to create a PIN code. After you have created / changed your PIN code, it will be activated in the library systems the following working day.

All enquiries about AAUcard as a library card, including login to the library search engine Primo, should be directed towards The University Library.

As a user of the library, you are committed to follow the library rules.

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