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Access Card to buildings

access card

AAUcard functions as an access card to Aalborg University's buildings on the campuses in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Esbjerg. You can gain access by using the magnetic stripe or by using the chip which is incorporated in the card. If there is no magnetic stripe reader, you just need to hold your card close to the keypad. After closing hours you will be asked to enter your PIN code.

how to activate your card

After receiving you AAUcard, you must activate your card by creating a PIN code:

You can use your card as soon as it is activated.

Access to special areas(i.e. offfices, Laboratories etc.)

If you need access to AAU facilities beyond offfice areas (such as study areas,  laboratories, etc.), you need to get a permit from your programme secretary / laboratory manager. Hand over the permit to the local Facility Support Team., who will grant you access to the areas.

Please note that the card is personal and may only be used by you. It may under no circumstances be passed on or lent to others. If the card is misused, it will be closed.

What is an AAUcard?
AAUCard practicalities