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All persons staying at AAU for a shorter or longer period - for example visiting researchers - must have an AAUcard with a picture. The card is personal and includes a photo as well as staff number.

In order to get a staff number, the guest must be registered in Scan Pas by their affiliated secretary or HR employee. Afterwards, the guest must have their picture taken by the relevant Facility Support Office, who will issue the card.

All staff, students and guests must be able to show their AAUcard upon request. The AAUcard is used as ID card. In many locations, the AAUcard is also used as an access card to offices etc.


If you have any questions about the AAUcard, please contact us at or visit the local Facility Support Office.

Lost card

If you lose your AAUcard, you must contact your local Facility Support Team as soon as possible. They will close the card and order a new one for you..

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